Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  • We challenged C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual to deliver perfect coverage in our sanctuary…without changing the aesthetics. They more than delivered!

    Terry Fits, Media Director Second Presbyterian Church Bloomington, IL

  • When training and deploying local and state law enforcement officers.. reliable state-of-art audiovisual for daily use is not a luxury….but a necessity! C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual fixed legacy problems with new designs that are simple to operate and look amazing!

    Jim Page, Executive Director ILEAS

  • When you are serving Over 20,000 runners, 3,000 volunteers, and 50,000 spectators…the sound has to be perfect.  We can’t do this without C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual!

    Jan Seeley, Illinois Marathon Executive Director

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