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Commitment To Excellence

For over 140 years, C.V. Lloyde has continued to strive for better and more innovative ways to support the needs of our diverse customer base. Our commitment to provide an unmatched level of service is evident not only through the sale of high quality products, but also in the experience of every customer’s complete understanding of their purchases in terms of operation and maintenance.

A Staff Tuned To The Music World

Our success is due in large part to the professional sales staff that we employ. Each staff member has been exhaustively trained in product knowledge and applications. Your questions are answered by people with perhaps the most extensive industry experience and expertise in the Midwest.

Take It On The Road

Because we deal with a very wide variety of diverse artists on a daily basis, our sales staff is enlightened with the latest in updated information and applications for all music equipment. In turn, all of our clients benefit from that same information by putting it to use in their own projects.

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